You know it rained today!

I know, that you know it rained today !

I can picture you,

in your room

that smells of तातो चिया, न्यानो सिरक अनि चिल्लो पकौडा


watching the rain through the window pane

 smelling the dirt,

that creeps it’s way into your room झ्यालमा बतासले सुसेली हान्ने कापहरु बाट

and some of you were brave enough to feel it splatter on your face

like drips of joys, you even let your tongue out to taste

but I

am sorry

I wasn’t joyful

I was battered by the rain,

There was nothing romantic about the rain

I was walking down the road

while the cursed sky broke

then it hammered in blows

on whatever moves below

so soft

you’d wonder if it hit you

but it hit you alright !

and it hit you in so many ways

you wouldn’t imagine, so let me say

I’ll tell you,

how it hit me today

I told you I was walking down the road;

well,  that’s not all;

I was also walking down memory lane

trying to forget some

and trying to remember the same

i was so down in thoughts

and with the sound

of every rain drop rebound

on my umbrella

I missed noticing a fella

and stumbled on him

 and there lying on the side of the road was his body

feeling the same rain but this part of story had no joy;

the drop that splat your face

was now the lords funny ploy

was now cutting this boys flesh

he had no roof to hide under when the rain was making love to the thunder,

was too much for his bones

as I fell and landed on the road

I could see he was crying

kids that young cry for their mothers

i bet he didn’t even had one

I asked- “ओइ के हो? किन रून्छस ओई ?

बाटो मा सुत्ने हो पाजी !

” दाई मेरो Plastic लिएर गए ” he sobbed out…

His young face, half covered in his tender tears

half covered with his hands,

like an ascending puff of cloud would cover a hill

“damn” I said to myself

कत्रो थियो plastic तेरो?

 ठुलो  प्लास्टिक  थियो  दाई–पुरै  टाउको  छेक्थियो…

रातो   रंगको–मैले  आफै  भेट्टाको…

चोरेको  नि  हैन–आमा कसम चोरेको हैन…

मैले  चोरेको  सामान–अहिले  सम्म हात लाको छैन।

As I lay fallen on the ground

the rain drops kissing my head my feet my chest

My umbrella, almost  feet away from me,  turned upside down

I could pay a thousand rupee to hear this orphan

swear on his mother’s name again

Call it good or bad

smeared with the slurry of dirt and rain

In exact state as the lad

I was on the ground, splattered with हिलो
My clothes were no longer सुकिलो

and I wasn’t walking down the road of recollection of  my life’s mistakes

I was thinking about the रातो  plastic

and how important it was for this kid


“Would you care to smile for an umbrella instead?”

and with out a sound, his sadness was dead

“saachi ho?” he jumped.

i bet he bumped his head on the clouds

i smiled back and looked at him pick up the umbrella.

what a joyful fella.

now the rain to my heart was as good as dry

now the drop, weren’t sharps razors falling from the sky

now as the rain drenched me

it washed my worries,

smoothened the creases on my fore head

the chill crushed frown on my face

and yes my smile was back in place.

I found shelter from the rain

as I got wet !

“Dai.. pani parya bela chaata dinay manche maile kahile dekhya theana”

well he didnt say that tho

i just imagine he’d say so

just to make myself feel good.

walked a few more kilometers

finally i reached home.

mamu  opens the door

gasped-” you’re a mess?”

i said that is something I am finally not.

“tero chhaata khai?”

I said-: ” छाता छैन  “

 प्लास्टिक   ओडेर  आको  छु ..

 ठुलो  प्लास्टिक  छ  आमा … पुरै  टाउको  छेक  छ ..

रातो   रंगको  छ .. मैले  आफै  भेट्टाको

चोरेको  नि  हैन … आमा  हजुरको   कसम चोरेको हैन …

मैले  चोरेको  सामान   अहिले  सम्म हात लाको  छैन

आमालाई  छोरा पक्कै गाजा तानेर आयो भन्ने लाग्यो होला


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