Wake up
Have some cornflakes
Go to the work place
So you can keep buying the cornflakes
Man, is this what it takes
To keep repeating the same takes
Repeating the same route
Baking the same cake?
No icing no sugar
Just a damn dry lake
I would not be wrong to
Call this a mistake
Man, we lost in our own lives
Trying to make sense of all this red tape
Living like livestock
We are living for slaughter
Living to afford college
For us, then our sons and daughters
Living to buy things
Trying to win over the taxes
This city is Never quiet: no lull
the mind never relaxes
I take my life and measure it in baskets
I put the things I consume
Swear it looks like a casket
I could tell it like it is
Man, it’s easy if you a class kid
For Mass kid, there aint much hope
Other than begging and asking
From kulfi suckers
To the lickers of Robin who’s basking
No Messiah here
Why are we masking
The dread of life that we are asking
Flashy clothes to pack our ass in
And toilet paper to keep the ass clean
Put on a little saffron so we can mask sin
Climbing up the ladder put the Task in
make sure your not the one who’s last in
Making life
Faking shit
The cars the booze and not looking shit
Put a gold chain around your neck
The gold pain around your neck
A great Dane with a collar I the great neck
Take a good picture of your life
For zuck’s sake
Get a job that pays you dollars
Be a hustler not a scholar

They want me to be motivated
Like a bird who’s gotta find his nest and
Find a mate to do the nest thing
They say this nestling, is the best thing
You can have a nice life
Get a good life
Find a place to live
Buy some cornflakes
Then go to the work place
So you can keep buying that cornflakes


When the day dies

There is a building in Lalitpur. If you find yourself on the ground towards the south of the building you’ll, of course, see it’s south elevation. On the south elevation, if you ignore the ten small circular holes on the far right and the far left – you’re left, with sixty big windows. Each window, the border of which is painted white, has three major panels, each panel has its own smaller upper panel that is fixed . The bigger central panel is fixed too, the two panels on either side swing outside. The building is a huge five storey structure; nothing remarkable about it really. At 7:00 PM one man makes his way up the stairs from the right side of the building. He walks up to the top floor. He starts from the top right room. In every room, he first pulls in the window panes and latches them, he then walks back to the door and switches the lights off before he locks the door from outside and moves on to the next one. When in the next room, he repeats this act. After he is done with the top floor, he walks down the stairs and goes through each of the rooms in the lower floor, then moves on to the next floor. Eventually, he reaches the very last room. All the lights in this building have been switched off one by one, in the end only one window glows. But, before he checks the windows and switches off the light of this last room, he rests. He leans on the window and smokes a cigarette. After he finishes his cigarette, he dumps the butt in the bin and dutifully latches the windows, switches the lights off and locks the door from the outside. I did not check the time, so I can’t say with certainty, but it mustn’t have taken him more than sixty years to get to the bottom left room from the top right room.