Recurring martydom

I was killed by the “rising sun”

that promised me

land to yield and a place safe

i was instead given a tongue less mouth

even which i kept

then i was asked for a few years

to make things right

i said”why not”

a few years will pass out

swiftly like a summer night.


years later nothing changed

then i was told,

it was all but lies

i do not believe what i hear

but i gotta believe my eyes

there was no tongue in my mouth

no sense in my head

no guarantee i would not be taken a prisoner

while i wake from my bed

i said”ah hell ! this has to change ”


and change it did,but i didn’t see

you see,  i was the foundation of what you have with thee

i marched the street like a mad dog


i was armed with slogans

while i was facing bullets

my words would pierce hearts

but couldn’t stop them damn bullets


in the end i was shot,

in the leg first and when i fell

in my head, bang bang

two shots to make sure.

i wouldn’t rise again

killed like a mad dog.

again and again.


duihazar sixtythree ,  dui hazar fourtysix and dui hazar-seven

i am your recurring martyr

i die again and again.


-May 17, 2011


multiparty anarchy

Anything can make us disappointed, and seldom things that don’t matter to us make no difference and absolutely not disappoint. But my visit to the last resort was disappointing. The Bungee experience was awesome but one other thing really sucked. I don’t really know why but I m really interested in kinds of stuff most people don’t see or care.

As I entered the resort premise after crossing the bridge, which is built on private land on both side of the river and with private funds by the last resort, I saw a group, a big group, of people who looked nothing like tourists. Not conventional tourists and not even domestic tourist. They were locals.

In the current situation, the state our country is in, every person is bargaining. Every group is bargaining. The smaller party bargains with the large party for more seats in the cabinet. The parliamentarians are bargaining within themselves for a statute close to their party’s manifesto. Locals around industry bargain for jobs, around university they seek scholarships, around hydropower plant they seek free electricity and so on. It’s obvious to expect benefits from any resourceful institution but how democratic is it to halt their operation by putting in demands that kick the essence of democracy in the balls?

How ethical is it to ask for jobs in university if the local youths aren’t well educated. One might say isn’t the university there to educate youths? Yes, absolutely- but that involves the locals being interested in educating their children, willing to pay the cost of education. But by halting university operation they risk the future of their own children, and the children of others. Plus a university can allocate only a fixed no. of seat for the local community.

The same is the case with industries. What is any industry to do with untrained and unskilled labor? For example- Yes, the presence of a match factory in Banepa is bound to improve the employment rate there but if not a single person in Banepa knows the technicalities / work of the factory then is it ethical for people there to demand for jobs? First they should train themselves and for this, and only this, they can demand the industry for training programs.

The funny part is – I m talking about ethics and democratic norms and stuff but the reality is, it’s all gone already.

The locals around the last resort want the owner ship of the bridge built on private grounds with private funds. On what basis may be the question but Does it really matter? When you come across a group that asks the ownership of a private property, unless the group is the government, you’re dealing with anarchists.

And all the institutions in this nation, by default are infected with political intrusion, even the private institutions.

This country is in deep shit called multiparty anarchy!