A chowk high on life or is it commerce?

During Tihar if you walk by a chowk,
You will find you eyes splashed with gold-
the plastic and dirt ,the trash by the road,
will be adorned by petals
that could not hold onto
the flowers in the garland.

If you walk by a chowk during tihar,
you will not find vehicle fume or smoke
gentle marigold
smell will lift you from the ground,
you will surf through a garden
that stands still at the busiest of roads.

O unsuspecting costumer,
Do you see the fairy lights,
that specifically shine for you
don’t they look like little fairy eyes,
that look at you,
like goldfish eyes at a pet shop ?
If you walk by a chowk during tihar,
you will find the fairy lure of commerce.

Little lumps of colors, will fill your view,
Lumps of colors will occupy the pavement too
Orange, pink, green, red, white, yellow and blue
if you want, you can get some glitter mixed in too

During Tihar if you walk by a chowk,
you can see fake flowers trying to out do the real ones,
you can see projection lights trying to compete with diyos
you can see packed candies doing their best
to fit in with packets of dry fruits and spices.

If you see someone wash their porch,
you can be sure they will wash the roads too,
If you look at the windows on the houses that line the chowk,
you are bound to find dull cleaning cloths fluttering against the window pane
as if they were moths trying to escape after the night light has passed.

If you walk by a chowk during Tihar,
Not only will you find terracotta being sold,
you will find people selling red mud too,
and you might even want to buy it,
do not stop yourself,
for there is immense joy in painting your heart
with Red-mud and leaving it out to dry
in the warm September sun.


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