We are good at braking.

You see, we are good at braking
We stop at a slight suggestion to stay back home,
And we break our whole routine
At a slight appeal for revolution
That comes nowadays only during office hours.

are good at braking.

We stop if the stars are rumored to be nonsensical,
And not just the stars, we now believe in hammers and sickles too,
They are known for taking rough roads,

and we
are good at braking.

If anyone raises a single fist on the street.
We throw our hands in surrender
We do agree that the system can get boring
And it is only fair to spice things up some dull mornings.

are good at braking.

We are 50% innovative,
we might not be making things, but
we are good at breaking them.
With the speed at which
the government and its narratives switch
there might be a certain fear
The risk that appears at high speed maneuvers,
But we,  in the last 50 years have acquired a certain taste for transition.

are good at braking.


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