Poured my heart out on a tree

The tree did not turn green

I asked him- “ How old is your wisdom?”

She replied it does not concern me.

I walked up to a hill top

The sky did not hug me.

Took a long walk, four days in total

Talked my heart out to a mountain

Son of a bitch said- “Don’t bug me.”

I didn’t let arrogant rock be

I cursed at him- “In your next life, I hope you become the a sea,

You will whisper your deep cries to me, and I will pee in you.”

Turned around and left in defeat,

I can sure as hell tell, he did not miss me.

Walked up to a holy lake and dipped my heart in it.

No chills on my skin, no nirvana to be found.

The gods did not see beyond my sin,

No particle of divine, in my meat, bones or skin

Only my greed.

Took myself to a temple,

Rung my heart like a bell.

The lord did not move

The lord did not speak.

No welcome sweets, no secret noise in weird frequencies, no flower falling from the roof.

Pulled out a can of Rasbari for the lord,

The lord did not eat.

Threw a marigold flower at the lord’s face,

The lord did not twitch.

And I can feel my heart sink,

In these keshar, chandan and vermillion ink

All these things they say will work,

Somehow does not work for me.

Legend has it, the Lord sends an envoy of the sixth day of your birth

to write your fortune on your forehead,

My parents forgot to place a pen on my bedside.

This world a shivering lake of questions, no boat for me.

On a plane that leaves to Answerland, there ain’t no seat for me.


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