Harke is Sad

Harke likes to eat some buff
never is the buff enough
never is the achar on the table left when
Harke finishes his momo and burps !
Harke has a simple message
never put sauce on a sausage
if you want to taste some sour and cream
someone should cut you a cabbage
Harke thinks refusing to eat is rude
Harke specially likes deep fried food
the only veggie he eats is samosa and fries,
he says they smell super good
Harke is a little over weight
Harke want to get in shape but forgets
every morning he goes out for walk
and ends up eating donuts; he regrets
Harke tries to be a vegetarian
does not want to look barbarian
but the food is light, never is his belly tight
doesn’t like to feel like a proletarian.

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