A list of pretty cool human beings

I am coaching Team Dhangadhi for the upcoming National Slam, QC Awards 2016: A National Poetry Slam. As I compile reference materials for my team some of it will, naturally,  pour into my blog. So this is a list of Spoken word poets that I think are pretty cool, read impressive.

The list is not ranked or sorted in any particular order,these are all poets who perform in English. Some I have had a chance to meet, and others I hope I meet in this lifetime itself.

The first Poet on my list is Harry Baker. Baker is a world slam champ.

A love poem for a lonely prime number is  one of the best spoken word poems I have ever heard.I have loved his wit and his timing+delivery is impeccable.

He also battle raps. Yeah, he’s pretty cool.

The Second poet on my list is Rafeef Ziadah . Ziadah is a phenomenal poet. According to Wikipedia, she is a Palestinian-Canadian poet and human rights activist who currently lives in London.

Her poem We teach life,sir  is pretty intense. You need to see it to believe it


The third poet on my list is Sarah Kay. Kay is an amazing storyteller. Her poems are really beautiful. She has been very supportive of the Word Warriors and has visited us twice. She is basically a wonderful person. Sarah also helped us design our curriculum for Write To Speak, and almost everyone in Kathmandu is her fan.Her poem Montauk is one of my favourite poems. And of course you have to Check this out too.

And while you’re at it , When Love Arrives, will introduce you to Phil Kaye as well, who is the fourth poet in this list, he is super all by himself too.  Here is a poem by Kaye that goes Dear NasI know ya’ll gon like it .

The fifth poet I am mentioning here claims to be, according to his twitter bio, Sort of a poet, sort of a comedian, not much of a man. His poem Wile-e-Coyote was a poem that inspired me to explore spoken word poetry.It must have been 2011, On a quiet afternoon I was looking up ‘slam poems’ on YouTube when I  found Shane Hawley.  I was like, this is poetry too !

It sure is.

If you are still reading this article, I am almost certain that you will follow the following links. Here are a few honorable mentions –


Emily Weitzman- Bread Thread

Neil Hilborn – OCD

Andread Gibson – Maybe I need You

Kate Tempest- Icarus 

And of course –  Gil Scott Heron – I’m new here 

If you have any spoken word artist who you think is super cool or inspiring or, as is the usual combination, both-  do comment .









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