Its number 10 that amazes me,

for a ten, 1 has to be find a zero to follow it

but how do you get nothing to follow yourself

Last time no one followed me I was still 1

And if you look at 11

there is 1 followed by its genetic clone

and 12 is weird too,

how do you seemingly get someone who is twice as much as you are to follow you

Then perhaps at 13 you realize, you are the 1

and you can have anyone to follow you

3 or 4 or 5 or even a 9

but from 20 you realize the have seen you,

you aren’t the one

you’re the lonely single entity

the weakest and the least

they wont follow you anymore

you’re always behind 2 or 3 or 4 even 9


you accept it’s all nothing

and get two nothing behind you

99 wishes they had you

but you are a century now !

and the cycle goes on.


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