this is what I call a free write

but nothing si really free, right?

we pay with time,

we have made it a currency

and it occurs to me

that we feel the need to

increase the frequency of money changing act

in order to be a part of this elaborate act


We are after all coins,

our constituents extracted from mines,

we are minted, stamped

and thrown into a bag of similar such coins

we look for value in being same

but do we ever feel the same value?

I wish we were free and not coins

I wish the world was not so stamped

so mint, and we would not be

flung into air and asked to choose sides,

head or tail ?

We are coins,

what we really want is to be standing upright,

you know on the round edge to see,

so we’d have a stand and a view

I guess we would be able to roll free

And that is why we are

poetry writing coins

yoga doing coins

praying coins

playing coins

love making coins

all in hopes

that these things will make up

on-the-round-edge-standing coins.




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