I curse the realm

It Hurts as if all the oxygen of this earth
Was suddenly taken away

And I curse the river banks
And I curse parallel lines
I curse these difficult times
And I curse the moon that shines

And I curse these coffee shops
And how that makes my heart stop
How I feel the ocean of our separation
In every espresso drop

And I curse the bloddy rain
And I curse the umbrellas more
I curse them damn lovers
Never have I cursed them before

I can feel that my day
Is no longer any bright
I curse the damn sun
And everything in its sight

Most of all I curse all of
the distance that spreads
Like omni present gods it stays
It stays as the roses are red

I curse the damn sea
And the immense volume in me
That would drown the damn bitch
If it were to spill in tragedy .


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