Design An animal

First - wings !
Wings covered with white feathers, like the ones white doves have
its torso would be like that of a snake
but not with scales
instead it would have inner feathers - baby feathers,
like the ones pulled out of duck chests to be put inside a down jacket
and on that torso it would have tits
big Caucasian planetary tits- for sex appeal you know
for men-stream media attention ! 

It would have human legs- athletic legs,
and for an almost superhero jump,
but the power to weight ratio would be high
like an kangaroo's leg,
or even more, 
I guess insects have it better
yes !
Grasshopper legs !

Now the insides,
It would be an omnivore,
what is life if you don't get to chew down on some poultry
and it is equally sad if you don't appreciate some ripe mangoes
It would be terrestrial,
too much water and things start to get slimy,
plus oceans are dangerous- if sharks wont kill you jelly fish will.

And I don't want my animal to have fungus growing on its loins,
I have always wondered;if there would be an animal without a penis or a vagina,
or a self halving mechanism or spores or egg laying needs
It would be a tentacle, that when fertilized by another tentacle would plant a seed
like literally on the ground
and its progeny would  grow out of land like a tree.

And this animal,
its whole life cycle would depends on travelling,
it would be born in sand and would grow up with the sea 
will find fresh water delta plains to mate
and will have to travel to the mountains,
where it will embed itself in snow and die of hypothermia !

And no-when during its life will it worship its maker.



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