So this happened in Dhangadhi

Conducting poetry workshop is a lot of fun. My last workshop was in Dhangadhi I will share with you something that happened. So this kid, I do not want to tell you his actual name lets say X for now. X applied for our workshop. X didn’t only write a poem for his own application form but he wrote one for his friend Y as well. Now during the selection, X was not selected and his friend Y, whose poem was also written by X, was.

Now Y wasn’t really interested in attending the workshop so, X who wasn’t selected decides to comes to the workshop anyway, and attends the whole workshop in his friend’s name.

After the three day workshop he gets selected for another round of workshops, because you know, X writes and performs well. He finally confesses that he is not who he claimed to be after the workshop.

I was really surprised, it was funny too. All this while he responded to some one else’s name. We played the Name Game, where we alliterate our names and he chose to represent himself with an alien name.



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