Silly Samip



Does it look like I am dancing?


Sometimes when I am modeling an exercise for the class I have this stern hoarse inner voice that keeps saying, be serious – these kids are impressionable.  The voice, like all voices we hear from the insides of our head, is right.

I am not a comedian, I am not a regular teacher either. I am somewhere in between. I am the silly guy students laugh at. I am the funny teacher your kids tell you they met in school today.

I sometimes like to keep my workshops very structured. And fewer than seldom do these attempts last longer than an hour. If teaching becomes too serious, student start falling asleep. If you are a teacher you probably know that finding a student asleep is class is a horrible feeling but then,  it’s probably your own fault. In order to keep their minds open, I need to keep their eyes, ears, and hands open first. It’s just like Yoga.

Amidst a clatter of laughter coming from my students, I introspect- have I become a Comedian? And sometimes as the class bursts open with banging desk type laughter even by a mere ridiculous facial expression, I think to myself if I have a chance of breaking the internet as a stand up comedian than I have as a spoken word poet. All I have to do is make some dick jokes in between. (And That will gag the school administrators.)



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