When I was a kid

I wanted to be a pilot

I wanted to fly all kinds of planes

Fast plane, big plane, small plane

I also wanted to fly the jets, and the HUGE cargo planes

and then the gliders, hot air balloons, from the classic indian the pushpak vimaan to those double winged old airplanes, as seen on encyclopedias !

And ahh..

The fighter jets too.. but a fighter jet would not have seats for a family picnic

so may be I’d fly the passenger jets

A Boeing 777, perhaps

But all of this, my air plane fanaticism was because I had a special place that I wanted to fly

In one of my dad’s many stories, he once told me about a special plane

It was called Moment 001- The first and the last of it’s kind

Now, Moment 001 was the best kind of plane

It was colored like the rain, it was faster than the human brain

It was lighter than a car, and it’s speed … insane…

So fast that not even time could catch up,

Moment 001 was a time machine

but with wings and blinks and pretty little things

a machine that goes so fast it can escape the grip of time

When I was a kid, I could not wait to grow up

And it was confusing, The plant that i planted in grade 3

by the time i was in grade 4 was taller than me

and I would be the same

I wanted to grow older faster, so I could fly airplanes and may be get my hands on Moment 001.

And then it happened, slowly, but it happened

Growing up I realized time is a funny thing

You can’t turn the clock arms around and go back to yesterday

and then realizing that time and space are both quantities

and then again some theoretical physicist say

that time is not really timeless.


We humans have not figured time out

so no time machines, moment 001 was an airplanes that did not exist

But where science failed me, Art found me

Airplanes were replaced by poetry

and I was fascinated by words

I wanted to fly words, all kinds of words

Strong words, Science words

some right words, some wrong words

used up words, and some left over words

rap words and pop words

And it turns out,

They have invented time machine in poetry

a long long time ago

And no, I did not grow up to be a pilot

but that does not stop me from flying

my paper planes.



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