seen him dance

I sat there under the withered peepal tree

as I have done so many times before

but this moment was different, for this moment was unsure

he took out his basket and pulled out a few toys

he looked around to see, if there were any other boys

his eyes bright but his determination sore

see we have seen things before

unraveling and unwrapping

concealing and sugarcoating

on his sky blue handkerchief  he let his half filled bottles on display

I could tell his potions were used, some ready to stiffen like oven baked clay

he dug around the peepal tree for something I do know know

I sat there patiently under the peepal tree

trying to make sense of the show

I have seen his puppet before I have seen the tangly strings

but I had not ever seen him dance on those ropes attached to the puppets’ dream








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