The Road- Birbal’s poem

The Road-

You ask me sir, Where does it go?

Well, It stays.

The road does not go, You go.

The road has no destination, if that is what you’re asking me

The road is already there, and if it ain’t , it sure cant go all by it self

Now Sir, the Road wont take you there,the road wont carry you

Your legs will and only you can take you there

The road is a companion, the road is a non compassionate companion

It will come along, it will even go the extra mile

even when you go off road, the road will come

the road will drag and stretch itself beneath your feet

The road will silently remind you where you came from

it will hold you if you fall, but the road ain’t made of cushions and fur

The road will not take you there

the road does not have a destination

but tell me sir- What is your destination?



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