GoodMorning Rant

I see how these revolution goes
I see how we live in flexible floors
through cryptic doors
and windows
that lead to escape of unrevolving worlds
unevolving worlds
unchanging thoughts and mystic utopian laws
we are the revolting bricks but we have an inherent rigid flaw
I see how we face challenges
with our faces turned around
to a single point of view
and our resolve evaporates
like a drop of morning dew
paper cuts in paper lives
sacred view for paper lies
Are we making laws or deep cut knives
we are the modern manjushrees
cut the land apart
and we empty our fluidity,
the lucidity of ideas,
the identity of our peers
and what seems to appear
is not necessarily all that is there
what is it that we want, but is theirs?
their land, their rights, their words, their chants, their fate
why does it have to be that our best bets
are eight apartheid states?
where are the locks to all these cages
all this rage and all these bullshit pages
where is the people of the land love and what is nationalism?
who are the lords, and how do we please em
is that all that is politicking
Yes the time is ticking
Yes This time to stand up fo the fight you’ve been picking
But do we gather words or do we gather understanding
do we look for rights or do we correct the wrongs
Tell me What is it that you lust with
looks like political power to me not, does not looks like political justice
No we cannot adjust with, just this
But we cant adjust another decade of drifting for drafting in our timeline.


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