Like a satellite

I like you like Kathmandu likes being confusing,
like Rasbari likes being sweet,
like cotton candies like being clouds you can eat.
I like being in love like
the roads like being long,
like the bad news likes travelling,
like the hills like it when the clouds come and kiss.
I like to listen to you,
like the rocks like the river waves,
like the valley loves the depth
like the cold likes the snow
like the emptiness inside a Basuri is waiting for a blow.
I like you like the perfume likes racing out of a bottle,
like my room likes the sun and the sun likes the earth,
the earth likes its orbit,

I like you like mass loves gravity,
like hip hop likes profanity.

And I like the fact that we are all in cohesion,
the  gravitational force pulling each other close
I am like a satellite trying to find balance between my decay and motion,


Throughout my life I  have been trying to come back

to the very same  places I moved on from,

for the places with the best view.


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