Feeling Good

” It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life – “

I walk out with my head buried deep, in black slick metaphors

I walk like I got new air Jordans , baggy rich- jeans -clothes and a set of glow

glor-ious rappers spitting out rhymes, on my earphones,

life lessons from the west like fuck you’re setting, fuck you’re shortcoming

fuck what the society believes, suck on my balls you hatin machine

watch these ignorant bleed out their dark selfish greeds

fuck their role fuck their parts in this sphere

don’t you break, don’t you dis appear

dont keep quiet, Write to express you right to cause a Riot

dont you fade, no dis pair

dont you forget that the world is here..

right under your feet,demand rights under your feet,

and fight these beasts, even if you can’t beat

them in conversation, you will be

immortally invading their dreams

don’t you be afraid to raid your emotions and spread your life in sheets of paper

trust me, it’s helps to bleed thru a pen on paper

and put a heavy veil of potion of that portion of ya’ll lives

don’t you forget them words that cut like knives

and tell me how it feels, I’ll tell you how I bleed

we’ll sit down,heed, read and scream in angst

for how it played out-

thru time:  slippery times we fall ,glittery times we stall,

trusting mystery of all-

the magic non-sense that misery will heal

Express how you feel, Explode

Say, speak, insult, cause a controversy

I see a new world, for you and me

It’s  a new dawn It’s a new day, It’s a new life- Homie !


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