A gift

O here we are

so many hills apart

so many rivers apart
like we are on the extremes- at rest- of a pendulum swinging
and different river basins we are based in
our friend liquor and shivers on our skin
hills apart, so many rivers across

I wish the time we spent between us will cover up our movements
like ants cover up trees
like the pest cover up fields
like a spilled cup of coffee covers up the keyboard
sticky our insides
I wish we rot degrade decay
our bones become damp wood
our skin become leaves
our emotions become pests that feed on fallen trees
our spirits become food for the ghosts
our steps become trail
and I wish time in its deadliest speed would consume us

We will be dirt again
the Bagmati will carry me
Mechi will carry you
I will hug you before we get lost in the sea


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