This Country- a poem, stuck in its own devices

Economic bombs, alliterations on oil supply, if not the prices

my literacy rate highlights, the wrong development fights

Little Kids listen tome with wide eyes

and I can see the reflection of white lies

Like super oily French fries

Norwegian Bread, British Aid and American Suits and Ties

Coated in grease like,

We have Copyright,

Over the human Right Sleaze, right?

Metaphors on Wars like Paints on wall cracks

Guerrilla are stars like pimps on hatchbacks

half wives and full lives lost in the flashbacks

slogans and guns, ride voices of the class pact

Multiplying the divisions withing the sections of the society

drawing lines that have been called Scars on humanity

What the fuck is wrong with your mathematics

You power puzzled non practical piece of parliamentarian bullshit

and your idealistic paper and manifesto

is what I wipe my ass with

Human rights, applicable to all lives

but why is the world judged through your lies

What I see is an acute case of white eyes

A disease that makes you believe the world has blue eyes

Goblins in foreign aid, gobbling up nations

Reliance on Ration, Perfectly fine

But harka bahadur says, I get free food to eat but what do I do with my time

Buy Booze, each and every night

Capacity self-reliant, Philanthropy

Third World Country, Oxymoron city

We have kids who cross hills before they get to school

swim, float, paddle, rope their way across

rivers, lakes and pools

what they need is books they haven’t felt smelt and ever seen

and we got people coming in with laptop dreams

in schools dark and leaking, with no walls between different grades

and the feeling stays

grinding the child, reminding the child

with their charity schemes

Accustomed to being customers of non local philanthropy

making beggars of sovereign people

with whips and lashes of handouts

making a museum of poverty

We got the Voters swinging right to left

and then left to right

Voting on ballot, Worshiping the might

trees, Sun, hammer and Sickle in that order

This is a strange party, Strange party people

And this nation

the place of thinkers sitting underneath the peepal tree

and today we pseudo free people tinker

on lines of the breadth of our eyes

self righteous origins

like some came from the soil

and some came from the skies

This is a nation of I know a guy,

Who knows a guy, who knows a minister

who can hook me up with a job

job pimps services

hook up a client for some fees

Listen to all the leaves

that falls off

because, we’re rocking the tree

and we’re squirrels going nuts

going high on misunderstood  democracy

this is a state of mockery

the federal Democratic….. Wait

The Fucked up Degraded Republic of Nepal

and We, ‘ the never have we ever been ruled’ people

just let it be

So, Wake up from your deep sleep

and rise on your feats

march towards,

the end of the tunnel

breakthrough before your kids

start to believe


Living in this infection of Constitution-less-ness

is the price they have to pay for your

ignorant sins.


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