One drunk Hindu bottle

Two bottles, One is empty if you ignore a few drops of Rice beer sitting quietly in the bottom,the other is full, unopened.

The empty bottle says to the full unopened bottle, Happy New Year.

The unopened bottle says ” You  got sucked on until all your fluids dried out and you will probably be discarded in the trash, crushed or if fate is on you side filled water. What the fuck is happy?”

The empty bottle smiles like a learned yogi and says-“I was born out of necessity to hold beer, and some bottles do not have the luxury of being cased and shown off, we are used and forgotten, But we live multiple lives, because we are not cased and displayed. How sad would it be for a Bottle to hold nothing but only liquor all its life and be a prisoner of time.I will be reborn.Because a Bottle is only a sense of space, it is the space that I hold that makes me useful. And Space is neither born nor does it die, It will only be reborn.”



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