she will creep up your fingers

the tender ways that you hold

but she stays strong

gets stronger

and angrier as you spend time

but her departure is expected

she will never return

only her memory

will be a slow fading color

her smell will linger in air long after she is gone

she will live in the depth of your eyes

in the resonance of your ears

and the mumbles to the wall

in multicolored spectrum of your mind

and in those door knobs that you so gently open

look around if anyone is there

and yet strangely feel afraid to be alone

she will relax in your muscles

while you contract your hands

into a blanket of some sort

and cuddle with the air

she will pat you head

since she knows the way around you top floor labyrinth

she will leave you gasping for time

but time will be slowed

real slow



and real

and slow



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