However long she had the courage

She got rid of that name

For this time too he might be looking forward

For nothing more than just crazy Masala in this World

And She will live without the stadiums of green

Or something else in that case

Stronger than him

when the need for thrill in his arms and wires together is not reachable

For when the Stadiums fall asleep

And wires together with intricate lights will die

Correctly to address the Darkness

She will come in half way for this

In weeks time to call him after that day

When the spices will fail to reach

Deep down the holes that she had carved

And like a winter singer singing of Green

His arms will hold nothing but–

The ruins of the great big time

A time to pass to reach home

A gallery of opposed images

Of bitter taste of pepper

And the steel Veins of a long-lost legacy

Where he stands – his life halfway from home

There used to be a great big Stadium of Green




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