Of Spoken Word Poetry and Cultural Imperialism

Spoken Word Poetry, because it sprung out of The Amayrika, as the US is referred in Nepali way of speech, makes a group of suspecting Nationals believe is here as a form of Cultural Imperialism. Whoa ! Well it’s just that the movement that is primarily spearheaded by a group called WORD WARRIORS, of which I am a happy member, do receive some support from the American Embassy in Nepal. Which is completely Logical because yes the Amerikans would push their Art Form further as we do our cultural Heritage, Musical Instruments and Music elsewhere.  And even to some shameless extent we push our mercenary Profile too.

When one Journalist asked me – If I think Slam Poetry is cultural Imperialism I said NO, I don’t think It is Cultural Imperialism. Instead what I think it is is a Cultural Opportunity. An opportunity to get the youths that are otherwise filled and fed with so much Noise from the media to at least try and create something on their own. We have found this tool to revive the Young mass’s interest in Poetry. No it doesn’t always have to be Wordsworth or Keats, it doesn’t have to be bhanu bhakta if you are not into that kind of thing, that is okay, Poetry is much bigger than one genre, and now you have another one, which is fun and trendy too, will you give it a try? In fact, we all would like to hear what your story is- there is the Mic, Stand Up.  And this attitude works 8 out of 10 times, for the remaining 2 times, There is always a second verse.


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