Black Lines

Black lines, as snow turns to clouds

Black lines, that shape your eyes

as wonder turn to lust,

Black lines,

as my smile slowly creeps onto the darker side of love

Black lines, as the elastic in you bra stretches

and the grove your clothes make in your tender skin

Black lines, crossing across your belly

my fingers, darker than what they normally are

will take you on a trip, through the dark feelings

and the lighter flights, I will turn you blue

with bruises in all the right places

Darkness to sadness to happiness

and with black lines,

You will draw a triangle across my hairy chest

Lay your head, you cold ear feeling me

Like cold stethoscope,

We will pretend to be home

and we will find each other in streaks,

Your paint brushes, in mascara lines

in black gazal lines,  that make your eyes look blazing fast

like M-16’s swooping down, racing brown sturdy eagles

And black lines like these, that i will endlessly write on paper

and call it poetry


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