Hazel Eyes

The songs that you’d sing,

I’ll tattoo the words to my skin

The perfume that you left behind,

I’ll cherish more than oxygen

Empty walls, with darker shades

Pictures that you’ve taken away

I wont paint them ever

because those squares I love to stare

I miss the drum roll of knocks

On my doors, as we stole each other’s strokes

on the painting we never were

The utopia of sex and lust

That we  became

was such a bore

and I will search for the sparkle

Of your eyes in photographs in my phone

The wall that surround me, will gloat in misery

Because your voice wont echo no more

I will try to find you, walking back from wherever your kingdom is

What ever army you bring, I will bring more

Whatever poems you’ll write, I will sing more,

Whatever pictures you’ll take , I will fake more

I will rest under the tree you have painted in my living room

and wish there was breeze too

I will listen to all our favorite songs

and will croon in sadness

I will find fiction in your truth but believe your lies

I will not blink, I wont look away from your hazel eyes


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