I have a throbbing in the right side of my chest

I have an itch deep within my bones,

a shiver passes through my spine,

spreads across my limbs

Like Cold Himalaya stream within my veins

My mind numbs, and then exhilarates

My feet house Shiva’s dance tonight

I will chase the plastic wraps, the glossy girls

I will serve the world, to be a part of it

The beast caged in my rib, feels like it feels to drown in mud

My tongue feels like a buddhist monk

Hymns and verses, growing out of my mouth

and it feels like vines are growing out of my mouth

and the world is clinging to it, trying to reach in

Get in my mouth and cut the damn roots of the vein

Just as the world clings to my dreams,

Tries to reach it

and anesthetize the beast caged in my ribs,

They all want to

They all wish to

See another dreamless soul

Just as they are,

This is their revenge.


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