Rituals of the night


As goosebumps in your skin, turn into hands and begin

to chase my wildest dreams, and caress me from within

I take a mighty breath, infused with your smell

 the air becomes so thick, and the nerves begins to swell

the mountains in you hair-locks, sing to me sweetest songs

and dance the dance of dunes, to the throbbing of the lungs

your skin becomes a carpet, a carpet of little pearls

the universe comes to greet, as the moon and stars swirl

My eyes can write lines, as they trace through your back

little hairs in you skin, raise to be a resistance to my attack

your heart comes to your hand, and you feel me like you’re blind

and the dead night starts to dance, as your hoops begin to unwind

we twirl like fishes, and birds with magical insect bites

and sweat becomes fairy dust, making us excite into a flight

You have brought in, a wave of magical rain

the smile half broken in pleasure, half sustained in pain

Deep into the night, as I was half brave, half struck in fright

the deep universe talking to me ,through light in your eyes

your grasp of super human strength, beats my heart to submission

I leave my body and view myself drowning in the sea of passion

and you with whispers in my ears ,save me from pretend and from shame

reveal all your secrets, only by pronouncing my name

only by pronouncing my name.


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