The House

Day 3: A story as a poem



One House to Another

Newspapers are rife with agendas

From the tourist who etched Buddha

to the president who wants to trigger a world war

but these papers are never read in this place

they are used as wallpapers

in a corner tea shop.

Two women sell tea and local liquor

and their cup is popular

perhaps because the sahuni serves milk normal up thicker

And sometimes eggs and museli to travelling people

their doors are canvas to multimedia display

reminiscent of recent election

The mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law

hand in hand, at a business front

the wife is a half widow, that’s what they call 

because her husband has been missing

the mother is half heart broken, and half hopeful

And today, The bus from Kathmandu brings in the newspapers

Like it always does, 

” House, okays TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission) bill finally ” The paper reads

None of the two can read the paper

They instead paste the paper on their walls

Turn newspapers to wall papers

Hung right beside that wall is a frame that carries Krishna

The lord they have been praying for justice this long

and Krishna knows, Justice has just been pushed back.


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