Pages that have kissed a rose

Among the pages that have kissed a rose
among the books that have preserved one
among bookmarks that have killed magazines
are glossy tales of love that stay timeless

Among bus routes that go around
comes around stories, that weave through the chaos
and last as long as silence does

Among rusty benches in creepy parks
among crowded micro buses and unnamed streets
grows love, needlessly without a name

Among the stench of roasted beans, and sugary creams
love beams, through eyes like head lights
across furnitures that witness numerous stories each day
crossed legs underneath spark yet another splinter

Among smiles, that break up at the advent of a thought
when not among trifles of daily hustle
love lights among warm young hearts
like a bird’s morning song, that echoes thru unknown mountains
then hugs the dark sun
and makes it shine.


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