touch you hard

the shadow your smile casts in my heart is home to the devil that sparkles in my eyes
If love is what ever it is allowed to be, Imma go Dexter on you

Imma be your confi-di-ant, imma be your confederate, under the  cover

Imma be your hand for the day, imma be your handler

Imma be your pass to the hotel, imma be the hammer

Because baby, you said love is hard, and i am sorry for the stammer

hard virtues sheldom come through, to what we do

and i will love you through the blue eyes

not the iris, we talked about this

because some booze will cause bruises

and I love the way my soul cruises, your bare back undulated for every excuses

related for the prudence, good shit day, better shit night

when the heart feels right you better sit tight

claps of faces for the dances you perform for the nuances

and the shadows over eyes to hide the way my fist bounces

now don’t keep no grievances, This is way I present

my love advances,

rags and rugged,  A man pounces on meats like ounces jump on scales

and the thrust feels like hooks down, and slamming the table throwing books down


and the love is a tragedy, I don’t see why you don’t see

can’t explain tears on touches

I loved my wife into crutches.


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