Until and Until then

until someone makes a sound, so loud that it will wake the sleeping mass of faceless people desperately looking for their own identity in Party flags there is no shining path
this nation can head onto other than the path of its doom fueled by the snoring of baseless citizens

until something inspires creation that is pure from the heart and that which is not altered by greed, as true as the morning dew is, as tranquil as the moment before sunrise, and as powerful as a gasp of air that fills the lungs, slogans will disguise as poems and will only inspire the weak minds and they will live by it, and much worse die for it

until the toil does not surpass the spread of soil withing our own boundaries, until young guns do not shoot bullet holes in the ground and grow actual trees with actual fruits metaphorical dynasties will collapse but lead to no real change, because we are goats and sheep and until we become our own shepherd we will always be driven, ridden, sold, bought ultimately to be slaughtered, generations after generations- by the same hand that feeds us and leads us.


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