for a girl who thinks no one knows her

For a girl who thinks no one knows her.

you know, i know you

not from somewhere

i just know you

because the heart there is like the heart here

while all your things are important

you love them all

but the most

you love is not a thing at all

while you seem to be happy

the reasons that make you sad;

is all you think about

i told you

i know you,inside out.

you remain emotional at times

most of the times

ah the butterfly

the crazy guy on the street

you sympathize

i know why you hide behind your shades

crazy looks you evade

i do it all the same.

while all you want to be is alone

for no reason; just alone

talk to yourself;

i bet there aint nobody that talks to you better

and listens to you better

i know you, i betcha!

i also know why you smile

wider for lens

i know why you spend big bucks

but save the pence

i know why you have a different FB name

i know you,

because i do the same.

i know it when you hate

i know it when you want

i can relate

i know you because you love

i know you because you’re confused

i know you because you are no different

all your reasons would be

the same as the reasons of me

wear the craziest clothes

try to stand out in a place

you might look pretty more

with a made up face

you may speak in tongue no one knows

you might be called from a different race

i however,

don’t call you different

beneath the skin of yours

beneath you mascara lines

the side of you jailed within your array of teeth

speaks the same language as the person jailed within mine

same as the one beneath my skin

i have the same light in my eyes

same as i see in yours

and in the same way it ignites

everyday it rises and everyday it dies

in every face and every soul i see; it resides

you know,  i know you

you’re different you may claim

but the heart you have and the one i do

beats all the same

beats all the same.


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