Buying Death


I remember how it was 
Exactly the way it was

The hut was beside the river
edged underneath a stone
The stove was on fire And the room was breathing smoke

They would prepare tea for you 
Leaves and water and a little sugar
Stirred, until Colors appeared
“Rupiya  dass ” for this she said with smile
I could see earning Ten rupees was tearing her face
with a smile that bent in Four place

First place, I’ll save it for quilt this winter
Second, I’ll save it for a new stove
Third, may be son needs new clothes
Fourth, I’ll keep it to boast I’m not broke

But very soon,
Her thoughts disappeared
No ! 
This 10 rupee cannot buy her Clothes, Quilt or Stove
It can buy her cigarettes to smoke
And, Therefore she Smokes !

It will buy her nothing but smoke
A faster way to die 
And a slower way to choke
buy her death, Nothing More


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