obsessive and possessive

I do not miss you..
I am not obsessed
am not possessive
but I love you
in my own special way
in my own manner
I am not your regular lover
your love engulfs me like clouds engulf a hill…
I feel about you the way trees feel about rain,
I am convinced that there is somewhere on this earth
love, that is much greater than mine or yours
we are just midgets fiddling with our genitals
somewhere in this world someone has so much vastness in their heart
that the whole earth and it’s misery cannot darken the space
so much hope and love shines like sun that doubt would just go blind
and so much music that it would wash the troubles of heart off like the wind washes the desert
sometimes violently and sometimes slowly
and in time change the entire landscape
Love that would not be defined by the ‘type’
and until i love you like that-
even if i claim
I cannot be
obsessive and possessive !


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