she looks at the mobile phone. The time is just right. The place is right. but he is no where around. Like in countless cliche love stories he promised he would meet her here. One year ago this is where they said good bye and one year hence he was supposed to be here, but he wasn’t. The sun was just right kind of bright, the roads were light with hustle and the moment was fleeing. She was dressed in that same jeans she wore a year ago, her top was new. She looked pretty. But all that was futile, he wasn’t coming.

after two hours of waiting- “he’s not coming” she sighed to her self. But, Why didnt he come. May be he found someone else. May be he got caught up some place. May be he forgot the date. May be something happened. May be he’s dead. 

Diya felt her heart grow heavy of the disappointment.She reminded herself that her hope had always been baseless. It was always clear that he would not show up. But she had to come to be sure. These things never worked. Taking small and lost steps she started to walk away from their rendezvous point. The dirt on her face washed by two very innocent drops of tears the fell without an accompanying sob. She kept mum. 

That night she clutched her blanket to her chest. And like every night she would,she saw him in her dreams. He would always appear for a very brief moment. And Diya now had only those of him, nothing more. They were stupid. In this era of social networking and communication, they didn’t exchange contacts. She didn’t even know his name. All she knew is that he loved drinking coffee.  That’s it, nothing more.


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