Why I slam..

I have been interested in poetry since I was a kid. I can’t remember precisely but it must have been after I heard words rhyme-to-each other and it just seemed magical. It was like I was finding hidden treasures in the land of language. And English isn’t my native  language so It caught my attention even more.
The best part about Performing Poetry is that you can instantly connect to your audience and can lay out your poem just the way you have imagined it. The audience can react to your work instantaneously and you get to know how your performance and with it, your poetry has come along. And this very thing is also the worst part about performance, because you’re facing so many people and then they are actually very keenly listening to what you’re saying so there is no room to mess up. You just cannot afford to take chances with random stuff and ambiguous phrases.
Something about poetry that surprises me-Everything actually. How some people can throw around random words and completely make sense, or how someone else can portray exactly the way you’re feeling inside. And how you can say something you’ve been through and someone else comes up says – “that is exactly how I felt” under a similar circumstance. It is really amazing that Poetry can surprise us in so many ways.
People think poetry is boring. They think poets are tormented beings, secretive souls who wander in their own solitude and write about their personal suffering. This is really fucked up. No poetry is not boring. “Come witness young poets performing someday”- I say. Some of my friends actually have changed their perception.
Why poetry and not something else I am asked sometimes.  I would not say This and not That, Poetry is what I have felt my skin
is. This is the form of art in which I am most comfortable with my expression. Some people Paint, Some take photographs. I believe any form of expression, be it stories or essays or even Power-points, are good medium of self-expression.
For me it is Poetry. Lets say, I understand incomplete sentences better, but that is just me.

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