Throw away the promise

Throw away your promises like chocolate wrappers
And grab the nemesis of your forever after
’cause that dream you’ll have is dying
and there is no Level of pleading and crying
No trying
to stop them from flying
He will flee your life
Like you’re a drowning ship
And like a hung over a trip
There is only going to be regret
piling over one over another over other things
Throw away your Valentine earring
That deafens you with love
And stops you from hearing
the truth when he blatantly lies to you

Down inside you know
Very well, you know
When they leave
They cement the door to its hinges
and frost your hand
Beat your heart out of hope
Mercy only just by inches
Your faith on the love has shaken
But about the power of greed you can not ever be mistaken
He is going to fuck you over and around
Like he has fucked you before
And before you realize
He’s gon be the pimp that trades you like a whore
Hasn’t life treated you as someone’s utility
this is your hearts true futility
the impact of seven bitch pact is too much to count
Only on the history books the numbers of prime minister’s mount
So throw away dreams like chocolate wrappers
They aren’t the weavers of dreams
they are the merchants of enchantment
They will smack your eyes with fireflies
And call it brightness
And you’re so fucking blind
ya’ll don’t even see the fucking blindness
Only their greed is righteous
And it is upon your nine fingers they said
To hold a gun and stomp a heart they said
And one dreaming finger is all you need
a push on the trigger is all you need
To bring the dictator down to his knees
Do see a new nation, I red new nation
So i did ,
I held the gun like it was my Pride
And my fingers dreamt
the push on the trigger is all you need
to bring the dictator down to his knees
Bear I did, the red image
marched with guns into my village
I went in for the jamindaar, to shoot his tyrannical head
he wasn’t around so i shot
his wife , his daughter and his mother instead
I beat his son inches from life,
before he was dead, I buried him alive
As standup price on interest he levied too hot too High
To see a new nation, I marched with the revolution
A red new system, a brand new nation
They packaged dreams like horses
rolled up and cashed the corpses
One dreaming finger is all you need they said
To bring that dictator down to his knees they said
I did
I metaphorically cut the king’s head
and literally replaced its place
with another one instead
No one told me red was blood
I aint educated, so didn’t know
Red was to stop
Red was to stop
I should have stopped.


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