rhymes in my essays

I memorize my life like poetry
day and night
I roll my days like paper
till someone comes and smokes it
I tell you all that I remember
I have been blown off;
like a joint puff
running from the turfs
of the aces, I write rhymes in my essays
you talk too much shit, man fucking rapid
you get yo ass kicked;
don’t tame my fucking words
my argument is biographic
so you can shut the fuck up
I am fantastic with the hallucinations
here I mug up
and memorize my actions like regrets
and move to another one
with the last one smoked up like cigarettes
I live the life of the king ousted
and the mouse has his
story of the rat kill
I mix mine with a lil fiction
here is my depiction
the mighty righty friction
still, you still a lazy bastard !
the fucked up picture
with your head in the background
they shot it bad but
it’s the only thing for now
I drink my coffee like elixir
I look for that spark, that flicker
with lines that bind me to shame
I get into a tussle
hustle baby hustle
I hustle for the muscle;
but y’all have bugged the hustle
and made it a book
I abide by the pages
like it’s my law;
my life’s been a beauty
but y’all keep looking for the flaw
I shout like there’s a bomb in here
there is a bomb in here,
a ticking clock is ticking the fuck up
now y’all keep digging the stuff up
like it’s trash for money-making
or looking for time capsules,
in my doings; looking for loop holes
and y’all put your finger in it
I swallow the anger and spit the fuck off
get your hands off my back
and pat you own fucking ass
I put down words like conspiracy
and use apostrophes like hit lists,
allegory like gun
I do blasphemy for fun


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