Free Advice

Exactly what I told my female friend-

“If you’re thinking , you’re gonna make it work, or the power of love is so strong and all that crappy stuff,  then may be in one universe you’re right. and may be there really are people who value love and can fall and then remain in love over great distance and rise above the difference of time.

but frankly…

I have met realistic people who tell me it had been a bad idea and all they have is the memory of how a beautiful thing got so bitter… long distances DO NOT WORK.

so put a smile in your face and meet him once more

grab his arm and pull him close and smell his cologne or aftershave or just his sweat, tell him you love him and my be kiss him. savor the taste of his lips and tell him may be sometime in future if you can love me in flesh, I’d like to know.  Bid him goodbye.

yeah.. respect the love and don’t push it…
love don’t travel through wires and broadband”

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