The Reading Experience vs. eRE

In One of these workshop we were discussing e-book versus print book. Actually it can be put as E-Reading Vs Print reading. I like to say Soft Reading Vs. Hard Reading. Quiet obviously reading through a digital device is Soft reading.

one Learned man of substantial experience(my way of calling an old professor, perhaps) stood up and

” i do not agree that reading through a Device can ever replace reading out of Books. Because when we read, the way we read, it’s not just about reading the words out of the books. Not just for the sake of Reading it. It’s about the whole experience. when i want to read a book, there is the moment i hear about it. And before i have even seen the book, I think about it. Then i Go to a Store and then i See it in the shelf. there it is Beaming  with its beauty. And the First time you lay sight on the Cover, Then you buy it and then you take it home.That is just acquiring the Book.

Then i don’t read it right away, I’ll Read it a day later, or may be next week or even next month. It wont be next year, that;ll mean  i am Lazy. I m not, I’ll even make a cup of coffee. Take the Book on a date, I’ll sit in my garden, sip my coffee and read my book, It’s this kind of Reading experience that digital books can never deliver.”

His point was pointed like an arrow that hit the bull’s-eye. Yeah he was right. I totally agreed. Even though I have expressed my loyalty to Soft Reads times and Before his bringing forth of the “Reading Experience” did tickle my fantasy.

But today i discovered My own Reading experience I call it the e-Reading Experience abbreviated and stylized as eRE

I was there just waiting for my friends, humble guys like me always arrive on time. Arrogant alert !No I really am humble, ask my slave turtle ! Any way, the point is I had to wait. Now with nothing else to do I sat there on my Bike By the Road watching the World Pass me by. Ahhh…

And then like any fool with nothing to do would do, I started to fiddle with my phone,( no it’s not an app mimicking an actual fiddle )  I then remembered my downloading experience I had had an hour before From the Google Play Store where in I had downloaded a couple of books/ app/ book-ish-app.

As I sat there, with a phone in my hand and my eyes fixiated to the glowing screen that beamed the texts, I totally forgot I was waiting for my friends. Until they came around and surprised me from my reading trance.

Well it’s not as great as the Professor’s Reading Experience but hey! it’s an experience alright !

Plus we too have that feeling of book store thingy , when we Google a books name and then there in one square inch of our digital screen Pixelated in color is the book cover. And an even better feeling if the Pixelated says Free beneath it.I can download it today, tomorrow , or may be never ever ever but constantly  have the book in my disposal. And if i don’t like it, I’ll not even think it’s a complete waste of trees.

We may not have the Smell that accompanies the pages but we have similar reads and recommendations and facts and fun things about the book that we absolutely didn’t have to know. Isn’t helping the argument is it?

Anyway, the thing is – eRE is the thing of the future, it’s definitely here to stay.( Even heard the Newsweek is stopping Prints)

Yeah Yeah I know my books wont smell of silverfish Poop, and spilled coffee and the dust of age and what not…

but How about library in your pocket, smells good to your thought doesn’t it?





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