musing over

“Expectation is a big word, you’re not supposed to use it carelessly”. This is what she said. “Thou shall not expect ” is what she actually meant.And it took my dumb mind a hell lot of time to realize that.

Now the problem with relationships is all the things that we expect  the other half understood without us explicitly telling em things . just like we’d like a computer issue gone next time we restart. we do not tell the computer to fix it, its just gone all by it self. yeah honey! understand it, all by yourself.

But how the hell do you not expect from a relationship?

The wise man Buddha, sorry to offend those who think of him as god, said- expectations yield to disappointment. nothing Divine; but none the less.. where was I.. yeah No Expectation !

And so I did. I didn’t Expect, i didn’t expect our relationship to last and now we are our separate ways. Until she called me last night and demanded an Explanation.

Her exact words- ” I expect you to apologize ! ” (which is in no culture any way to demand an explanation)

“Sorry” said my confused mind; expecting no more trouble.



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