I could write a poem

yeah I could write a poem

but the last time I wrote a poem

I found someone disputing

spitting my words at me

telling me they were confusing

yeah I could write a poem

but that wouldn’t change a thing

I could write the words

sing it as a song

you could remember the chorus

yeah I could pull a friend

ask him to jam a guitar

and we could blow some chords

yeah I could beat box A BEAT

throw around big words

glorifying my nations  defeat

but the truth is

that wont matter Shit!

Ok try this-

hit yourself in your head

and pretend that you’re dead

turn over kiss the rug

give your dirty floor a big hug

now question !

would you have cleaned the rug if you knew you were dying over it?

now drive a stapler through your thumb

before it hurts pop painkillers and make it numb

now question!

does it not pain just because you do not feel it?

take your head out and ask your finger

does it matter that the blood bleeds

the finger could write a poem

it could write it in blood

it could tell you you’re fucked up in you’re head

and on your morals it could throw mud

but it wouldn’t change a thing

coz you’ve numbed yourself to accept

the pain through pill-pain-killing

how could you agonize with out feeling

so don’t tell me that you care

when I spill my words like tears

I know you’re a silent lamb

you’ve been so for years

dont tell another lie on my face

coz I can lie back

I could tell you a story of how i packed my dreams in a sack

I walked my lonely road and how i made my life yield

and I could lie about how I’ve been happy since I wrote that poem

but  wouldn’t lie

and I wont scribble a thing

yeah I could write a poem

but that wouldn’t change a thing !




2 thoughts on “I could write a poem

  1. Don’t let the negative folks stop you from writing. Poetry is what we feel and think. Can’t make all people happy. Need more Poet’s and reader’s. Would be a better world if people learn to voice their voices in words and in voice. I like the poem.

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