Talking to My Broken Heart








Talking to my Broken Heart



When i miss your hand

over the fortress of my intellect

that says ” i am better off- without you ! ” 

 that turmoil in my chest

that agrees to every beat in my heart

that I will miss you forever.


I take the candle in the wind,  hoping it doesn’t blow off

shove a sword down my throat wishing it doesn’t cut me

I tried to write my feelings out

but they are too personal to ever let any one read


I have been faithful to my soul

do not let my hand dial your number

while in sleep I always do

always dream of talking to you..


in the wake of my conscience

I talk to my broken heart

but maybe because it’s broken

stomped over and neglected

it doesn’ t work the way its supposed to

I try to soothe my heart

but the bruises are so prominent

all I can offer is pain killers

and that dose makes it numb

and then when i talk to that damn bastard

it doesn’t understand a thing


I have wasted months looking for an explanation

things I could tell my heart

I have searched through literature

watched movies

read and listened to poems

even tried writing a few

I have tried self motivation books

and those freaky punk rock songs too

but the pain inside burns me more

the laws of karma are poking fun at me

the earth pulls me harder than it used to

that is because I feel weary more

the qualms in my head

compose a landscape

an ever binding composition of my actions

from which there is no escape

I am stuck here talking to my broken heart

and I do not have a thing to say









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