House Wives aren’t Dependent Population

A feminist propaganda-“Empower women, get them out of the kitchen”.

Women empowerment is a strong term. What power do we mean by empowerment? For women empowerment many argue women have to be educated and need to have jobs and be able to earn their own living. True. But not entirely by this definition of empowerment we will have to call stay at home mothers or housewives as disadvantaged women population which is entirely wrong.

Yes, every female child has to be educated. We need smart mothers in order to raise smart children. But I do not believe women have to necessarily have a job in order to be classified as progressive or self dependent. Being or not being a house wife is a matter of personal choice, a choice between giving your kids all your money or giving your kids all your life.

House wives are counted as  dependent population while in fact there are at least 3 people, apart from her own children, completely dependent on one housewife, the husband and her in-laws. Domestic happiness is also an important factor in social life. By categorizing our stay at home moms as unemployed and dependent population we are doing them grave injustice. By not recognizing their effort to make our lives better by giving us all their time, we  are degrading their status in the society. Many house wives  may feel incompetent in front of working women, but I believe house wives work even harder than jobbing women. After all money isn’t everything. I always had my mother waiting for me when I came back from school, that made me happy. A maid waiting with a plateful of snack after a long day of school would have given me no joy. Nothing else can fill the void of a mother.

I have heard talk around the town that housewives are not ambitious. Just because you’re standing on the floor and someone else is kneeling down to clean it does not make you superior. In fact look at it this way,who’s doing the hard work? If house wives can be called lazy; career women can be dubbed ignorant too. It’s not important for everyone to have the same philosophy for a successful life, just because they prioritize domestic happiness over monetary gains doesn’t mean they aren’t ambitious. Being a career women is great, but it is in no way superior than being a housewife.

By all this I do not mean to disrespect working women. They have their own status and importance in the society. What my point is – we should not dub women population as progressive and less progressive based on them having a job or not. House wives actually work more than 8 hours a day. And the pay for all this work is Happiness.I strongly believe the census board should classify house wives under a section with something like Domestic Management for a heading. If there was no domestic management just wonder how would the kids grow up? How healthy would our food be? How strong would our family be ? Wouldn’t we have to send our grand parents under the care of old age homes? We would be growing stray kids instead of raising them. And how would the society be, full of kids who have no mother to come home to or husbands with no wife waiting for him?

House wives account to National happiness. We should all respect and honor them.


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