The Bomber

(not trying to justify terror, it’s just an attempt to portray the inside of a bomber’s head; I personally believe terror is no way to remind the government about its error)



I hold the key to a new world

Peaceful world

A world by my action as I blow this world to pieces

I am the change

I am the rage

I am the history written on the history page

I will turn this system

Inside out

The weak will be strong

Right’s will be wrong

I will bring the leader to his knees

And for this great deed

Some of you will have to pay the fees !

For you I shed my tear

Accidental martyr

Humbly cry for the departed soul

but i too killed my soul for this goal

I carefully connected the wires

For once to get rid of burning tires

we need a change, and change I will

blow I will, kill I will

Keep them on the edge of their chairs I will

I know they wont fall easy

They will cling to their chairs

Get on with their petty affairs

and hunt me down

I am a goblin you will kill me, may

but my thought are contagious and the revolution is here to stay

So write my name in glory shades

Embed my name is gory blades

Waste no time in worthless debates

I’m a terrorist or a freedom fighter?

I’m a bomber, and I will bomb it my way

A sacrifice for the need of the nation

For a successful revolution; Blood is the ration


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