No kidding, Our communist leader lives in a palace !

“Prachanda has a penchant for lavish lifestyle, good food and other fine things in life. It may be that he was deprived of this in his youth,” says Mumaram Khanal, a political analyst and former Maoist leader.

Nepal’s top Maoist politician, who led a 10-year insurgency in the Himalayan country which left 16,000 people dead, was accused Monday of selling out after moving into a lavish mansion in Kathmandu.

The new mansion costs the Maoist party just over 100,000 rupees ($1,300) a month, the aide told AFP, a modest sum in many countries but almost three times the average annual income in Nepal.

This much was from the Himalayan times, a national newspaper.

But my point of view, the good thing is the great leader “Prachanda” has once again demonstrated that lavish lifestyle is an integral human desire. Every person so far as his means meet will look to live a lavish lifestyle.Because we are a  democratic country even a communist leader has the right to do so. After all ideologies in our country is anyway just a bunch of crap !

So enjoy your expensive roof Mr. Chairman. And oh yes, I heard somewhere in Bajura people are dying of cold.


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