the portrait of sorrow

The portrait of sorrow

My heart makes these sounds
that i am familiar too
i been listening to their songs
and the lyrics is always about you
it tells me of the need
i have …
the wanting  to want
but somehow i lose focus
it must be in me
that i have chosen not to dance to your memories
i have a sprained muscle
between the ribs of arrogance
i have weird desires
but my gut is weak
i cannot decide, commit
i am the lawful love of my life
and i fear lawless love
i am the object of desire of myself
i am afraid of loosing value
i pretend to be keen at what i do
i go in and out and shout about
you think my face beams confidence
it beams happiness
but my heart is concealed
lest it will remain so until revealed
i have been keeping this mask
this happy face of bracket and colon,
even within the wood of seven billion trees
i have none whose shade i could borrow
i have this face of my,
paint me and i am
the portrait of sorrow !


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